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In the year 1973, renowned glass technologist Late Shri H. L. N. Murthy fused Quartz for the first time in India and changed the face of Indian glass technology forever. With his vast experience at the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research in Mumbai, where he worked closely with Homi Bhabha (acknowledged as the founder and prime architect of the Indian Atomic Energy programme) and his training at the Thermal Syndicate in UK and The Corning Glass Works in USA, Mr. Murthy laid the foundations for the Infusil Group of Companies as a pioneer in the manufacture of fused quartzware and fused silicaware.

From its humble beginnings as a glassware repair workshop and R&D centre, Infusil became Infusil Group of Companies and grew to challenge global monopolies in the field of silicaware and quartz distillation units. Even today, the company's Bhanu Distillers are a force to reckon with the world over. The company's product mix of glass and quartz distillation units, silicaware and industrial silicaware provided a platform for further growth. Increased production and export necessitated the manufacture of quartz and glass working machinery, the superior quality of which enabled the company to export all over the world. Growing demand for Infusil scientific products and further innovation saw the development of various new divisions such as Plasticware, laboratory glassware, water treatment plants and laboratory equipment.

Today, under the expertise and guidance of CEO Mr. H.N. Ravi, the Infusil Group of Companies is considered one of the most well established players in the glass technology industry of India. An ISO 9001 company, the Infusil Group is headquartered at the Peenya Industrial Estate, Bangalore and consists of four manufacturing units with seven major divisions of quality scientific products. Son of founder Late. Mr. Murthy, Mr. Ravi, has a Master's degree in Physics and Electronics from the Royal Institute of Science, Mumbai, and has extensively researched in the field of material sciences at the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research. He has been instrumental in the development of Indian glass technology. An experienced scientist with a background that includes teaching as well as sales and marketing, Mr. Ravi is passionate about R&D and has constantly been adding to the company's innovative product mix.

With a rapidly growing product range, driven by quality, dependability and customer service, the Infusil Group now consists of seven divisions:

With the support of its employees, suppliers and customers across the world, the Infusil Group constantly strived to develop new and innovative products in its efforts to further enhance customer satisfaction and contribute to the national as well as international scientific community.